The Nutritional Profile of Chia

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Chia Seeds

The nutritional profile of chia is quite amazing. As we all know by now, chia is an extremely healthy oilseed that can be eaten directly as whole seeds, ground seeds, bran and oil, or mixed into a variety of foods like oatmeal, beverages, and salads to make your meal ever healthier. But if you’re really wondering what the skinny is on chia, check out this complete profile on the Self magazine website.

Some of the highlights include: the above average protein quality / amino acid score; it’s high rating on the more filling / more nutritious scale; it’s high star rating for weight loss and optimum health; and the fact that it is a good source of fiber, calcium, phosphorous and manganese.

Self magazine has done a great job detailing the entire nutritional content of chia, and its contribution to your daily value requirements of vitamins and minerals. Kudos to them!

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