Partners and Joint Ventures

Pure Chia is developing partnerships and joint ventures globally, focusing on two key areas: the growth and farming of chia; and the production and sale of chia products.

Consumers are just discovering chia – an ancient seed once a staple of the Aztec diet – and are consuming it for the tremendous health benefits. It is the richest plant-based source of Omega-3, protein, fiber and antioxidants, and an excellent source of minerals. This growing awareness of chia introduces exciting opportunities for chia enriched products – chia enhances food nutrition without affecting taste. Chia is the Next Big Thing in food.

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The Growth and Farming of Chia

Chia is a tropical crop, meaning it grows within 23 degrees of the equator. We are constantly developing relationships in tropical regions with partners in these areas:

  • Independent chia growers we can purchase bulk seed from or engage as “contract growers”
  • Farmland that is available for lease or purchase on which we can grow chia
  • Farm management companies who can be contracted to oversee our chia growth
  • Farm processors (cleaning, storage, transport) and suppliers (milling, packaging, testing)
  • Experienced executives, agronomists and personnel who can join our company

The Production and Sale of Chia Products

Chia can be consumed in a variety of ways. It can be eaten directly as whole seeds, ground seeds, bran, flour and oil, or used in commercial food applications including mixed into bottled beverages, breads and baked goods, breakfast cereals and nutrition bars, pasta and dairy. It can also be used in cosmetic and skin care products (the essential oils), and animal feed to enrich poultry, eggs, beef, milk and pork. The applications for chia are immense and we are always seeking partners and joint ventures with companies in these areas:

  • Distributors who will purchase and sell our chia in bulk or retail packaged form
  • Retailers who will purchase and sell our branded, packaged chia products
  • Food, beverage and cosmetic manufacturers who will purchase our chia as an ingredient
  • Food, beverage and cosmetic manufacturers who will produce co-branded products
  • Pet and animal feed manufacturers who will use our chia as an ingredient
  • Private label and contract manufacturers who will produce Pure Chia products

To develop a partnership or joint venture with Pure Chia, or to discuss the commercial application of chia with your business or product, please contact us here.