Business Segments

Pure Chia is engaged in three main businesses: Sourcing & Farming, Products & Distribution, and Agricultural Investment. Each segment serves a complementary function.

Chia - Vegetative State

Sourcing & Farming

Pure Chia products are produced in growing regions around the world: (1) through experienced chia growers via independent contract grower arrangements; and (2) on company leased and owned land with professional farm management companies overseeing production. Pure Chia also engages suppliers who provide varying degrees of farming, packing, storing and shipping services.

Products & Distribution

Pure Chia provides wholesale, institutional and retail customers around the world with high quality chia products that bear the Pure Chia brand name. Pure Chia utilizes product quality, competitive pricing, food safety, and nutrition education to enhance its position within the food industry. Pure Chia works with independent wholesale and retail distribution companies, with contract manufacturers, with joint venture partners, and with design and consumer marketing agencies.

Agricultural Investment

Pure Chia identifies farmland for chia production, negotiating long-term leases and making strategic acquisitions of undervalued properties. Pure Chia focuses on: (1) leasing and acquiring properties in growing regions at attractive prices; (2) preparing or transforming the land for chia crops; and (3) utilizing sustainable and state-of-the-art agricultural practices and technologies.