Board and Management

Pure Chia employs a flat organization structure with a scalable agribusiness model, in partnership with best-of-breed suppliers and partners, allowing for cost-efficient, streamlined, and dynamic business operations. The company is currently writing Management, Board and Advisor biographies.



An executive with public company and agriculture experience, responsible for all operations, securities compliance, and shareholder relationships.

Director : Agronomy

A senior Agronomist responsible for overseeing contract growers, company-owned farms, crop processors, and farm & land assessment.

Director : Sales & Distribution

An executive with food & agriculture experience responsible for distributor, manufacturer and product development relationships.

Director : Marketing & Communications

An executive with food product experience, responsible for consumer, public, government, corporate, and industry affairs and marketing.

Board of Directors

Independent directors with agriculture, operations and distribution experience who help establish the company vision, provide guidance, and access to important relationships for shareholder benefit.

Industry Advisors

Individuals experienced in aspects of agribusiness including farm operations, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and who offer senior management advice and access to relationships.