Agribusiness that Sources, Grows, Processes, Markets & Distributes Chia

Pure Chia’s mission is to meet the global demand for a small, edible oilseed, richer in nutrients and minerals than any other crop on earth. A vertically integrated company operating internationally, Pure Chia sources and grows chia, markets and distributes wholesale and retail chia products, and invests in agriculture via farmland leases and acquisition. Pure Chia is the Next Big Thing.

Global Demand for Food Grows

In a world where population is expanding and the demand for food is increasing, chia is a game changing agricultural crop. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates the world will have to produce 70% more food by 2050 to feed a projected extra 2.3 billion people. Chia will be an essential part of the human diet.

The Benefits of Growing Chia

Consumers are just discovering the immense health benefits of eating chia, creating a global demand that exceeds supply. Chia has a low production cost (similar to soybean), a premium wholesale and retail price, and a short seed-to-harvest period that allows for multiple crops annually, resulting in rapid returns on investment.

The Wisdom of Agriculture

Chia grows in tropical regions where farmland lease and acquisition rates are low, with highly productive soils, fair farm production and sourcing costs, and great appreciation in land value. Pure Chia operates at the nexus of these advantages.

Chia Industry Sectors // Market Forecasts

Industry Sector
Chia Products$2.5 B2017
Functional Foods$176 B2013
Nutraceuticals$250 B2018
Bread + Baked Goods$170 B2015
Food + Beverage Additives$38 B2018
Omega-3's$35 B2016
Skin Care$130 B2018
Essential Oils$26.5 B2016
Pet Food$75 B2017
Animal Feed Additives$23.5 B2018
Agricultural Insecticide$8 B2016
Biomass + Ethanol$693 B2015